Thursday, August 22, 2013

List of Wednesday's Activities

1. Lift Weights:  First time at 90 lbs for the clean and jerk.  I have been adding 5 lbs/week.
2. Breakfast after a fasting day:  Swiss cheese omelette on a mini croissant with bacon.
3. Take Jemma to Revolution Dance Academy.
4. Roast coffee.
5. Take Dahlia to the eye doctor to have her fitted for contact lenses and learn how to put them in, take them out and care for them.  She did pretty well and enjoys the new, stronger prescription which gives her super-girl vision.
6.  Lunch:  A beer and left-over roasted chicken wings.
7.  Find studs so that I can install the remaining baseboard trim in the addition.
8. 7.85 mile run.  Fairly slow on a fairly hot day; my pace tends to decay as the week progresses due to build-up of soreness.  I had planned to tack-on an extra 4 miles at the end to complete the week's mileage but just didn't have it in me.
9. Take Dahlia to karate.
10.  Fuel car.  I usually try to make it to 400 miles and had 430 on the tank, so I was sweating bullets.  Based on the amount of fuel taken-on, I had a good 12 miles more range.
11. Take Surenna to cross country practice at the high school.
12. Pick-up window screens:  The contractor was supposed to have done this but we have given up on him.
13. Pick-up Dahlia from the dojo.
14. Install the screens.
15. Eat dinner:  Vaishali made Indian stuffed peppers from peppers we grew in our garden.
16. Get interrupted from sleep about a dozen times due to the fire alarms going off.  They are all wired together and so it is tough to figure out which one was causing the problem.  I think I uninstalled 7 units by the end of the evening.  Fun!