Sunday, January 06, 2008

New Bags

The children are posing with the new bags their Aunt Kerry made for them. Someday they will be old bags, and hopefully they will still use and prize these handmade treasures!


All three girls posed for pictures of the pearls Aunt Carol sent for Christmas. As usual, Jemma's picture came out the best. Thanks Carol! They are beautiful, the pearls.

Haven't been posting much...

Not just because I am lazy, but because I am lazy and busy.

I have been working on this:

This will be a queen size bed for Dahlia. Jemma will get Dahlia's bed and finally be able to stop sleeping in a crib. --it is actually more like a small day-bed since we took the side off a couple of years ago--but still, she should have a real bed.

Bed design © David Pecchia January 2008