Monday, May 13, 2013

Without Double-Standards, They Wouldn't Have Any Standards At All...

The left likes to harp on how the right is just awful because of their endless desire to force their values onto the rest of the country.  The dirty little secret is that they are not so much against the imposition of moral values per-se, as they are against the imposition of conservative values.  They have no problem with imposing liberal values.  At all.  The really insidious thing is the refusal to admit* that they are trying to impose values too.

*I think "notice" might be a better word here.  They really are oblivious to the fact that they excel in doing exactly what they accuse the other side of doing.

The below article is exactly on-point.  In fact, its quote from Paul Ryan is the same one liberal friends on Facebook used to "prove" that the Wisconsin Congressman was basically an ayatolla.

America’s Anti-Gun Theocrats

Should rabbis and other clerics engage in politics? Only, it seems, if they support liberal policies.