Tuesday, November 01, 2016

The Running App That Could

I noticed yesterday that my web running ap RunningAHEAD has lasted at least 5 years now: I hit the following benchmarks: Total: 7,500.0 mi 996:16:42. (41 days, 12 hours, 16 minutes, 42 seconds)

I think this is the 2nd or 3rd app I have used and they all worked well, but one gets the feeling that it is sombody's hobby and eventually they let it go to seed. This one used to be accessable from Facebook and would create Tweets too. Now it just works, for which I am gratefull. It even has a mapping fuction and one can download the whole dbase and resurect it in Excel.

You can run through the calculations yourself, but the average pace is just under 8:00/mile, for the whole 7,500 miles of running. If I ran 24/7 it would take roughly 17 days to cross the USA, 3,100 miles (5,000 km). The whole 7,500 would take 41 and 1/2 days, which is really not a lot when one considers that this was over 1,825 days. About 1/44th of a day per day or 33 minutes per day.

I found the previous log, which doesn't work but still has all my old workouts and there is almost 5,000 km in that log. It covered a couple of years.