Friday, June 14, 2013

Okay, Hot Chicks Finally

I have not been able to decide whether to be impressed with or appalled by Edward Snowden:  

Here is a guy who looks like this.

Who reportedly pulled down about $ 200,000.  And is only 29 years old and apparently abandoned a girlfriend who looks like this:

So, in other words-- Idiot!  or Wow! A guy who would give up all of that must have some inner drive that is stronger than what would seem to be a pretty ideal situation.

Hamburgers and Hot Chicks

They are only related in that I've had small thoughts on both and neither are really enough for a blog post, but possibly, together they will clear the bar.

I have a self-imposed "goal" of running 30 miles/week with an associated goal of keeping the pace to under 8 minutes/mile.  The week worked out well and my mileage was in by Wednesday, which was great for two reasons:

1.  Thursday was a fasting day and it is not fun at all to; first of all, run on an empty tank and second of all, to not get to eat after the run.  So, I went for a nice walk in the drizzle of Thursday and it really helped to ease the soreness from Wednesday's 13 miler.

2. I've been wanting to try the Deluxe Quarter Pounder and have a coupon for a free medium fries and medium drink with the purchase of the sandwich.  The problem is that I normally run every day on my lunch break and that does not allow time to drive to McDonald's.  See above, my lunch hour has been freed-up by early week diligence.

My normal order is for a McDouble since, even though I like the Big Mac better, the McDouble is pretty good and is 1/4 the price.

Recently, I came across a variation on this burger, the Daily Double, which is more-or-less the same except has mayo, lettuce, sliced (instead of minced) onion and a slice of tomato.  It looked good so I tried it:

It really is quite different and I liked it a lot.  The Deluxe Quarter Pounder looks like it is essentially the same except for one large piece of ground beef rather than two small ones.  I wanted to try it, plus the coupon--but there is a fly in the ointment:

That bun looks too bready for my taste.  "Have it your way" is that other place and so I was reluctant to ask but the guy behind the counter was very friendly so I asked if they could make me one with a normal Quarter Pounder bun.  No problem!  Verdict:  It was good but I think that I like the Daily Double better.  Cheaper too, double plus good.

One thing I would like to try is to make my own root beer float:  Normally a small beverage is on the dollar menu and they have been offering small cones for 49 Cents.

Pour a root beer, lop the top of the cone off into the drink & voila!

Hot Chicks?  Eh, there is enough here for a post after-all.  Hot Chicks can wait.

Will This Convince Them?

In my judgement.  No.

Case in point:

The left is still lionizing Paul R. Ehrlich even as his predictions have proven comically wrong.  It is almost as if the guy has been on a 40 year conceptual art project with half of us taking him seriously and the other half thinking he is a moron.

Monday, June 10, 2013

So, Let me get this straight: He is wrong about something?

Prog:  I have no problem with these shady teabagger groups being investigated by the IRS.

Me:  Well, President Obama said he was outraged by it.

Prog: So?

Me: Well, is the President lying about being outraged?

Prog:  Yes.

Boom! The President is a liar.


Prog:  No.

Me:  Is he wrong to be outraged?

Prog:  Yes.

Boom! The President is wrong about something.

Note:  This fantasy is flawed by the fact that progs often take exception to anything the president does that smacks of moderation.  That is to say, when he deviates from their far-left ideology, then and only then is he flawed.