Saturday, September 03, 2005

Day 2: We leave Aunt Carol's house and go to Aunt Mary's house--with lots of stops on the way.

We had breakfast at Carol's house and then drove to Seattle to see Nithin and Kerry. They have done tons of improvements to their place: They have cats, they changed all of the windows and finished all of the basement--except the part where the car goes. They took us to Ray's Seafood, which is located on Puget Sound in Ballard. Lunch was great and then we went just up the road to the Ballard Locks Park--which was lots of fun for the girls. Jemma was at first disappointed that the park did not have playground equipment, which to her is the Sine qua non of what a park is. After looking at the locks and fish, we saddled up for Redmond. We were off to see Vijaya & Michael and their children. Last time we saw these guys, Max was a toddler and Dagney was not even born! Also, they have a brand new and huge (but in a good way) house. We had a wonderful and relaxing afternoon with them and then headed out for Mary's place.

Vaishali captivates us all with her discourse on the finer points of sofware QA methodology. Posted by Picasa

Dahlia and Surenna give us no problems at Ray's Seafood. Posted by Picasa

Jemma enjoys being difficult at Ray's Seafood. Posted by Picasa

Here is the outgoing lock, there is another one like it to the left. You can see the original level of the water by the green slime on the concrete wall on the right side of the picture. Posted by Picasa

Another outdoor picture from the locks... Posted by Picasa

Here is the Ballard Locks fish ladder from the underwater viewing area. Soon these fish may become Ballard lox. Posted by Picasa

Here we all are before heading out the Redmond. Nithin, Kerry and all 3 of their neices. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Our first venture into Redmond

After visiting with Nithin and Kerry, we went to Redmond to see friends from grad school. Vaishali and I had both known Khisty (as we then knew her) and she introduced us. Her husband is the son of a tech-rep I had worked with in the Marine Corps.

All the kids enjoy their dinner. The missing one was napping upstairs. Posted by Picasa
The "little disruptive one" fell asleep in the car and didn't bother us for 3 blissfull hours--after her nap she was very good. Posted by Picasa

Here is our Dahlia with their Dagney. Posted by Picasa
Here is our Surenna their Maxwell.Posted by Picasa