Thursday, December 15, 2016

Vacation Week Time Use

I took this week off since my employer does not allow any carryover of PTO. In the unlikely event I suddenly become CEO, day 1, 8:00 AM, employees will be allowed to carry some amount of paid time off. I think one year's worth is reasonable. I know the accountants want to zero out every year, but screw them--99% of the company are not CPAs! I do not believe the HR BS that carryover encourages the use of PTO. I would take a lot more early Winter and Spring time off, but I haven't accumulated much by then and don't want to be in the hole.

Anyway to the point of this post: What have I been doing with my time?

Monday, it snowed and so I spent a fair amount of exertion shoveling the driveway. I had to go to the store since I make falafel for our dept party and needed fresh parsley. Later I went for a run, which was slow due to fatigue from shoveling and the presence of snow on the ground. I took Jemma to the orthodontist to have a look at her broken retainer. Later, time was taken up with attending Dahlia's induction into what she calls "the cult" of NHS. We are so proud, her first cult!
Home just in time to watch the Patriots play Monday Night Football! I only watched to the half because it was 23-3 and looked like a Pats blowout. Turns out the Ravens made a big, but ultimately failing comeback in the 2nd half. Too bad I missed it!

Tuesday, I made the Falafel and had to deal with our food processor dying--we have a smaller, older unit that could do the job in several batches. Also, made a large batch of pizelles, because I bring these to the party as well. I only had time to make a couple dozen before having to wrap the Yankee swap gift and go to the party.

The party ended and I had just enough time to get Jemma from School and take her to get a new retainer at the orthodontist. Then power lifting, followed by dinner.

Wednesday, I cooked up the rest of the pizille cookies and did some shopping for Christmas things to send. It was a fiasco. I was looking for candy to send to people and must have left my hat somewhere and I could not find it. Called today and I think they have it in the lost and found. Next, I went to the grocery for some rustic bread, which they had, but also I wanted some great and inexpensive bacon they had. They had the bacon but now it was normal price, so no point in stocking up. Also I wanted pomegranates--which they normally have, but did not have on this day. They had something called "pepino melon" which smelled intriguing, but they were half the size of a mango and priced at $5 each, so no. I got home in just enough time to go for my run--the day was warm enough for no shoes, or so I thought. I had to run a course I hadn't done in a while and there were some patches of ice to cross. All in all, it was a good run, 8.8 miles at a 7:44 pace. It was too late for lunch since the concert was soon. Later, the Winter concert, featuring Jemma on violin. (It should be up on the Chelmsford Telemedia youtube channel soon).

Thursday, I got the packages sent and did an easy clean and jerk workout. Made my 150 lbs easily but elected to stop there and not spoil it.