Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fuel test data--June edition

As you can see from the quote below, late April I filled-up the tank. Last Friday the 6th of June I filled it again on the way home from work. I could have made it home and since I don't use that car on weekends, I could have filled it Monday on the wat to work. Still, as predicted in the last post; I did not need to get gas in May at all.

Earlier in the year I decided it would be interesting to see just how often I fuel-up my car. Today, the 27th of April I put gas in. So I made it almost 6 weeks! I probably won't have to buy gas at all in May.

This week's running

5 towns 18.93 2:54:49 0:09:14 7-Jun-09

nutting lake 3.54 29:18:00 8:16:37 8-Jun-09

Bedford Neighborhood 4.1 30:50:00 7:31:13 9-Jun-09 PR

home 4 miler 4.28 36:00:00 8:24:40 10-Jun-09

Faun Lake 5.5 39:34:00 7:11:38 11-Jun-09 PR--ran with Ross A.

Bedford Neighborhood 4.1 32:07:00 7:50:00 12-Jun-09

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Sometimes satire writes itself

Well not exactly all by itself, but pretty close:

Hot New Trend: Carefree Hipsters Go For Funemployment, Starve-cation

Jobless jitters? Not for these young folks, who are embracing idleness and finding fulfillment in local Del Taco dumpsters.
Iowahawk delivers another of his instant classics.

You read this and think, "Oh come on, Iowa. You're just making stuff up"! Or is he?

Here is a related post on how (in some areas) lots of gen-xers have never been quite what we would call, "self supporting". His source is the New York Times

Sunday, June 07, 2009

A full day begins with a 30 K

We were having people over for brunch and so if I was to go, it would have to be early. I would normally dither a bit to work myself up for a run of around 3-hours, but no time: Got out of the house before 6:30. It was the usual long run, which I haven't done since a few weeks before Boston. It was neither fun nor fast.

I was welcomed home by the smell of bacon being cooked and fresh fruit being cut-up.

This, along with mango, blueberries and honeydew melon made up the fruit-plate. We also had waffles with apples and walnuts baked-in and fresh strawberry sauce.

After the guests left we went to go see, Up.

It was great!

When we got home we made ice cream sundaes. Nice.