Saturday, May 15, 2010

Nice Weather, Must-Buy-Fruit

We went to COSTCO to buy glasses for the middle daughter--oddly, she is really psyched to get them.

While there, we bought: Grapes, bananas, a pineapple, a box of oranges and blueberries. There is something about when it starts to become sunny and warm--I crave fresh fruit.

Also Mojitos. Which is good since the mint is growing in abundance.


We went to a Brazilian place last night and now we (but especially the wife) are craving the Caipirinha--which does not use mint.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A day of minor errands

--Rain was expected today, but when it didn't come I decided to change my oil. This is normally a pain since my oil filter housing is surrounded by stuff and the only thing that works is a strap-wrench that I couldn't find. I did incidentally find my huge pipe wrench that I couldn't find when I had a clogged pipe, while looking for the strap-wrench. I improvised by stuffing some old bike inner-tube along the perimeter of a slightly too large oil filter wrench socket. It worked! Actually, it worked much better than the strap-wrench does.

--I found, while working under the car, that an anti-sway bar bracket was rusted and broken. This may account for why my car wobbles when I go above 50 MPH. I ordered a new bracket since it is only 12 bucks with shipping. I am still on the fence about buying a new car or fixing the large expensive things I know my current car needs.

--Went for a 5K jog with my wife and her dog. I don't get much valuable training out of these runs, but I enjoy the company and she likes my coaching. Plus, it probably helps to loosen me up for the hard run I plan for tomorrow.

Had an open faced chicken and gravy sandwich and a beer for lunch.

Picked-up the middle daughter from school--bumps had appeared on her face. They are gone now that cortisone has been applied and Benadryl given.

Installed the handles on windows in the new study. Slightly amazed that I didn't loose them in the 5 years between the windows going in and now.

Showed a contractor around the outside of the house. Considering replacement of windows, roof and other external repairs.

Burned a small accumulation of boxes that had built-up in the basement.

Made a blog post.