Saturday, May 15, 2010

Nice Weather, Must-Buy-Fruit

We went to COSTCO to buy glasses for the middle daughter--oddly, she is really psyched to get them.

While there, we bought: Grapes, bananas, a pineapple, a box of oranges and blueberries. There is something about when it starts to become sunny and warm--I crave fresh fruit.

Also Mojitos. Which is good since the mint is growing in abundance.


We went to a Brazilian place last night and now we (but especially the wife) are craving the Caipirinha--which does not use mint.


Trooper York said...

Caiprahinias are our favorite mixed drink.

I took my wife to a Brazilian Restuarant on our first date.

I got her drunk enough that she agreed to keep going out with me.

dbp said...

Heh. Alcohol, is there anything it can't do?