Sunday, December 02, 2007

Jemma's dresser: Done!

Saturday, I applied the last coat of shellac, put on the knobs (which Jemma picked-out), figured out how to stop the drawers from accidentally being pulled all the way out and hauled the thing up from the basement. Jemma spent the night at her grandparent's so she didn't see it until this morning. She was out of her mind with excitement!

I didn't get around to taking a picture until right before bedtime, so she had calmed-down quite a bit by then.

Saturday, we finished painting Dahlia's room.

Sunday, we got all the tape off the walls and put her furnature back in place. Now she can sleep in her own room again!

Last, we picked up a fridge...

Sunday, we brought home a small extra fridge. We put it in this afternoon and already the girls have adorned it with every magnet they have. Probably pent-up demand since the stainless steel one upstairs will not attract magnets.