Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Instant messaging with my 8 year old daughter

The following is a transcript of some instant messaging between me and my eight year old daughter. She spent the spring-break week with relatives in Pennsylvania and NJ. Note: Commentary will be in Green. Also, I have rearranged some of the order since new questions often come before a reply to a previous question.
Veena says: Hi daddy
Veena says: this is renny
Young Turk says: I figured that out.
Venna is the name of the aunt in NJ Surenna was staying with.

Young Turk says: Hi honey
About "Young Turk" the author's wife and I often change our display name in concert with whatever topic we happen to be 'on'. So, I had just purchased a bunch of Rod Stewart songs and I included (I don't know why!) Young Turks and Vaish gave me hell for it. Hence the display name. (Actually, I think my reasoning was that Young Turks in some ways is such a prototypical Rod Stewart song--even though it is not very good and he does have lots of good songs. Here is what I got that day. Maggie May $0.99 Q0002 People Get Ready $0.99 Q0002 Reason to Believe $0.99 Q0002 Rhythm of My Heart $0.99 Q0002 The First Cut Is the Deepest $0.99 Q0002 This Old Heart of Mine $0.99 Q0002 You're in My Heart $0.99 Q0002 Young Turks Veena says: i love you dadd Young Turk says: Love you too!
Young Turk says: How are you doing there with veenpachi?
Veena says: good i'm doing fine Young Turk says: I miss you.
Veena says: so are there tears in your eyes
Young Turk says: I only cry when there is nobody around to see me. Never at work. Silly.
Veena says: oh god!
Young Turk says: But, I do miss you even if I am not crying about it.
Veena says: iwas talking to mommy a while ago
Young Turk says: She is working from home today.
Young Turk says: Did she say anything interesting?
Veena says: no
Veena says: Mamuma is taking good care of me
Young Turk says: Okay, good.
Veena says: why did you say that/
Young Turk says: I am glad that Mamuma is taking good care of you.
Veena says: we are going to Red Loster for lunch then we are going to see a movie
Young Turk says: Must be hard having so much fun...
Veena says: good buy i love you
Young Turk says: Good bye. I love you too.
Veena says: call me
Young Turk says: Okay, after work I will give you a call. Veena says: buy Young Turk says: Bye. Veena says: hi daddy Young Turk says: Hi Surenna Young Turk says: I was busy with a coworker and didn't see your message. Veena says: oh thats ok Young Turk says: Are you all ready to come home? Veena says: not yet. Istill have to pack up a lot of stuff Young Turk says: You guys have the whole day to play before the drive home. Young Turk says: You can still do something fun. Veena says: ya we'r going to Young Turk says: What are you going to do today? Veena says: Ithink we are going to the park Young Turk says: Just the little playground close to their house? Veena says: i guess Veena says: thats fun for me Young Turk says: So, you don't have any kids to play with during the day though. Veena says: ok i gutsta go Young Turk says: okay, bye. Veena says: no Veena says: i went to the park for 20 minutes and then it started to rain Wild Turkey says: Oh, thats too bad! Wild Turkey says: Wild Turkey says: I just got back from running. The weather is beautiful here. specchia says: what are you talking about?i just got on the computer Wild Turkey says: i went to the park for 20 minutes and then it started to rain specchia says: no i did Wild Turkey says: I know Wild Turkey says: I was just reminding you of your earlier message. specchia says: oh you where just kidding specchia says: not Wild Turkey says: No specchia says: are you still at work? Wild Turkey says: Yes, I am at work untill 6:00 Wild Turkey says: It is nice here in Billerica. specchia says: you work in Billerica? Wild Turkey says: Yes specchia says: wo Wild Turkey says: Only about 4 miles from Mamuma and Aja's house. specchia says: when i travele home i get to go in pajamas because we are stoping at a rest urant Wild Turkey says: That doesn Wild Turkey says: oops Wild Turkey says: That doesn't make sense. If you are stopping at a restaurant, you should not wear pajamas. Wild Turkey says: Or you should say, "even though we are stopping at a restaurant, I still get to wear pajamas" specchia says: i ment not going in pjs Wild Turkey says: That would make more sense Wild Turkey says: okay specchia says: i made a mistake Wild Turkey says: Thats okay, you are just a little kid. specchia says: ok got to go bye Wild Turkey says: bye talktome says: daddy are you there? Wild Turkey says: On the phone now. talktome says: ok talktome says: off yet

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Here Erik (Swiss) and me starting the Groton 2005 10 K road race. (He is in the olive-drab tee-shirt and shades) Erik is called Swiss because his last name (Marchese) is sometimes mispronounced mar-cheese-ee, hence swiss-cheese or just swiss. The actual pronounciation is mar-kay-zee. He is an old affy buddy and we get toghether from time to time. He is responsible for encouraging me to enter the Groton run the first time in 2003. Posted by Hello

This is how I finished this year (2005) 46th out of 100 for my age group (40-49) with a time of 49:30. I didn't run in 2004 because I was looking for a job at the time and paying to run a race seemed silly. Posted by Hello

This is how I looked in 2003 when I finished in 51:14. and 67th out of 117 in my age bracket Posted by Hello