Saturday, March 01, 2008

It is 3:00 AM...

Muffley '08

Just Another Minute of Fine commentary

The ever entertaining Tom McGuire, still at the top of his game.

"He Who Must Not Be Middle-Named"


A Movie Scene Waiting For a Movie to Contain It...

Setting: A horror film which has comedic elements, or vice-versa.

A young woman with long flowing hair is being pursued by a lunatic. He is large and has many tools and weapons attached to his belt.

Finally, in a large open room of the house he catches the girl and holds her down on the floor. He pulls out a staple gun and terrorizes her with it--even caressing her face gently with it.

The camera cuts away from the two and comes to rest on something creepy like a taxidermed animal. We hear the sounds of the girl screaming interspersed with the sound of the stapler being used. The scene ends with the lunatic lumbering off and the girl not in that shot. The camera pans over to the girl. She is silent. Her face is contorted in shock and horror. Her hair is spread out in all directions from her head and stapled to the floor. The camera is directly overhead and her body is orientated so that she looks like she is upside down--her head is at the bottom of the frame and her feet at the top. It is as if she is upside down and her hair spread out by gravity rather than staples. Last; the camera rotates 180 degrees, rendering her right-side-up.

The girl is unharmed and the rest of the scene is a comical series of attempts she makes to free herself from the floor. A desk had been upended in the struggle leaving lots of implements for her to try and pry the staples up with. In the end, she must use scissors. The camera cuts back to the stuffed animal as we hear the sounds of scissors cutting hair...

The camera does not show her head as she walks slowly out of the room--the scissors still in hand. At the end of the scene she has found the lunatic in another room: The shot shows a front view of the lunatic and a back view of the girl. The lunatic screams in horror--we don't know if it is fear of what the girl plans to do with the scissors next, or the violence she has done to her previously beautiful flowing hair.

END of scene.

Monday, February 25, 2008

The Hazards Of Winter Running

Black ice edition...

I also bloodied my knee and yet, oddly enough, my running pants showed no signs of damage whatsoever.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Routine weekend run...

It is a beautiful sunny day. The brightness is amplified by the 10" of snow we got Friday.

I was really tempted to cc ski, but it is about 30F and the snow is pretty packable--which is not what I like, condition wise, for skiing.

8:16 per mile. Better than last time, but still not as fast as it needs to be.

My Wife And I Both Do Grocery Shopping...Not Usually Together

Yesterday, we happened into a situation where we needed some items, we had an hour free, there is a new & fancy grocery store right by where we had to drop-off Jemma and the children were all elsewhere. Grocery shopping becomes like a date; we can explore the store and choose special items for dinner that night. (Jemma would have pizza at the party and the other two were spending the night at grandparent's)

Not Pictured:The hot pastrami sandwiches we made

We don't often have endive, but it is really good. This salad has endive, tomato, red onion, baby spinach leaves, walnuts and Gorgonzola cheese. With vinegar, black pepper and olive oil dressing.

Oysters on the half-shell: I can't get enough! These were purported to be from Duxbury Mass. so they were really fresh.

A medley of various olives, pickled hot peppers & etc. Pretty and Tasty!

Just When I Thought Things Couldn't Get Any Better...

Our humans provide for everything a cat, such as myself or my brother, could want. But what is this? A great new perch, nice and high so we can see what is going on but low enough that it isn't too hard to leap up on.

Prrrfect! I hope nothing ever changes!