Saturday, May 08, 2010

The Burlington Vermont Foot Bridge to Nowhere

Depending on your browser, you will see a city map of Burlington VT, but then it will turn black and you will see the street view of the bridge.

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This is a really substantial bridge which you have access to from the road on the right. If you cross the bridge, there is a path that goes about 50 feet and then just ends with a residential backyard fence. Our hypothesis is that the neighborhood on the left--part of Burlington's North end--insisted on having an access bridge put in when the highway was built. Later, none of the houses at the end of the bridge wanted a right-of-way cut through (or next to) their land.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

These were not enjoyed on the same night

Not that it matters, it just happens to be the case.

Last night I had this home made Limoncello which has been steeping for about 2 years in the freezer. Strong in more ways than one and really appeals to my Southern Italian heritage.

Last Sunday was the first warm weekend day in a while--that we were home for--and so I fired-up the outside grill. We have a little hibachi that we use year-round in the fireplace. The short ribs of beef, thinly sliced and with Korean marinade are great, but do take up a lot of grilling real estate. So, they only get done on the big outside grill.

We finally had the last of these sausages, stewed in spaghetti sauce for dinner tonight.