Thursday, May 03, 2007

Testing Map My Run

Just checking out how to embed routes from Map MY Run Link to the website... Embedded code follows... The link seems to work, but I don't see anything from the embedded code. Update: Help from Jeff has fixed the problem!

Monday, April 30, 2007

Photoblogging the Groton Road Race

I am in the above and below pictures--kind of a 'find waldo' type thing though.

I would bring attention here to three ladies: (the below picture) All are wearing black shorts, one with a gold shirt, one red and one in light purple.
I only slightly remember goldie, I must have passed her since she ended up finishing 15 or 20 seconds behind me. Red and purple though, I saw throughout the race. We passed and re-passed each other multiple times. By the end, red beat me by more than 30 seconds and you can see purple behind me in one of the finish line pictures.
Note: If you click onto a picture, you get a larger view of it. Surging to the end, and getting beat there by a 19 year old. Still happy with the result:

326 659 DAVID PECCHIA 44 M 85/198 M4049 CHELMSFORD MA 44:41 7:12 Which is better than last year's time:
103 128 DAVID PECCHIA 43 M 36/95 M4049 CHELMSFORD MA 46:31 7:31 Which was itself much better than the year before that:
133 120 DAVID PECCHIA 46/100 M4049 CHELMSFORD MA 49:30 7:59
All pictures are from Jim Rhoades The Runner