Saturday, May 09, 2009

Saturday Break

With the help of my 12-year old daughter, I changed my front brakes this morning.

Breaks are a job I dread: You've got to jack the car up. The pads are usually rusted into the shoes. Brake fluid gets everywhere. If you do it wrong, you crash, etc.

Surenna helped by pushing on the brake pedal while I bled the lines. Now that she knows she can reach the controls, she is very interested in learning to drive. For the sake of my clutch, perhaps I will wait a bit.

The Drill SGT said... Can somebody explain how polar bear became a distinct species in the last 500 years or so? DBQ has it right. It is a little known fact that polar bears and grizzly bears can still interbreed. Which in a technical sense, means that they are not a truly distinct species.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

A day off of this-and-that...

It was raining, so I saved changing the brakes on my car for another day--probably this weekend. They fade and pulsate, but they will probably stop the car for another two days.

Instead, I did some work on the addition: I rubbed-off bits of cement residue from the glass-block wall with steel wool and a small spatula. Then did some final sanding on the plaster prior to putting a primer coat of paint on it.

Went for a run--see the below post. I've made this run a few times, but finally mapped it into "Map my run", so now I know how far it is.

After a nice long shower, I set to work on dinner for the family: Chicken Cacciatore. It is pretty straight forward. I just make my regular red-sauce and then brown some chicken, add the sauce, cover and simmer for a while. My wife had gotten a deal on some skinless, boneless thighs--which is perfect for this dish, though I would love to try it with rabbit sometime...

Today's run

74:23, so about 7:51 per mile.

Faun Lake.....5.5.....42:20.....7:42/mile....5/8/09

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

An International Sandwich

I only realized it after it was made and partially consumed: My sandwich was from a lot of countries.

I started with a French bread sub roll, which I toasted the inside of.

Then I covered the inside with a couple slices of American cheese.

I microwaved some leftover Indian tandoori chicken and put that in.

I added some Italian chopped hot peppers.

Finally, I topped it with some Greek yogurt.

It was very unusual tasting and very good.

I "couldn't" take a picture of the sandwich because even though the camera was literally within reach, I was too hungry to wait. So here is a cute puppy picture instead.