Thursday, February 13, 2014

Big Mac At Home and in Germany

I just had to know: Are they the same everywhere?

Difference #1 Price: 6.49 Euros comes to $8.87, so that is more but I really do not know how much more since I usually just buy the burger itself--or more usually, just whatever burger is on the value menu. This is not entirely cheapness on my part; I just feel like the fries and soda are much worse for me than the burger.

Sameness #1 The burger was, as far as I could tell, exactly like what I get in the United States. The fries were the same too. The coke tasted perhaps slightly better but this is hard to tell since I usually get Dr. Pepper and I am used to having ICE! please. It is possible that they use sucrose here instead of corn syrup and that would account for the Coke tasting better.

Difference # 2 The ketchup packet was much larger than the ones in the US. It takes three of the US ones at home while this larger one was plenty. Also, they offered me Ketchup OR mayonnaise. Neither was available to take as one pleased. Lately, the McDonald's in the US have pumps available or packets upon demand.