Saturday, February 22, 2014

The curious and irregular conception of Obamacare

Read the whole thing by Noemie Emery
 “Current and former administration officials .  .  . have been surprised at how steadfast the opposition has remained,” the Washington Post reported last summer, quoting MIT economist Jonathan Gruber saying, “It used to be you had a fight and it was over, and you moved on.” But few have moved on, for reasons which are not all that hard to tease out: It’s not working out, in fact it’s a disaster; it’s blowing holes in the federal budget; the win-to-lose balance is way out of kilter, as many more people are hurt than helped by it. Obamacare may collapse on its own for practical reasons, but there is a fourth strike against it that adds a dimension of weakness no comparable measure has faced: Much of the country believes it’s a fraud, passed dishonestly, and not deserving of moral authority. In short, they find it nearly illegal, highly immoral, and possibly fattening. And their minds won’t be changed.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Germany, Traditional and Modern

A typical street in Darmstadt.

An artsy apartment building: It was horseshoe shaped with one end at ground level and the other end about six stories tall. All of the top is covered with trees and other plants.

The circular building is one ward of a hospital complex.