Thursday, October 27, 2016

Burning Seed-Corn

Or just more effective training?

I will just back-up a bit to explain: I have in the past few years had a standard of 30 miles per week at an 8:00 min/mile pace or better. The thing is that I have been feeling run-down. Recently, I took a week off from work and tried running on alternate days. The off-days for running were on-days for weights. I do a power-lift routine and then two days later Clean and Jerk only. On that week, my runs were fast and pleasant. It was the first week since last spring in which I made my 4: 30 miles, sub-8, one barefoot run and one run over 10 miles.

So now what I am trying is to run Mon at work, Wed when I am off, and then Sat. It will not, at least not at first, add up to 30 miles though. For now it feels good. The question I have is whether or not this is making me a better runner.

Hypothesis 1: I am doing less running and will lose fitness.
Hypothesis 2: My training is less, but is of higher quality and so fitness will improve.

Time will tell.