Saturday, July 04, 2009

4th of July 2-miler

I wore my old High School Cross Country shirt.
110 19/208 M4049 12:55 6:28 dbp 46 M Chelmsford MA

I am pleased with this: I figured that I could finish under 14 minutes if I put in a reasonable effort. As it was, I got a little overheated toward the end, but I really could have run a bit faster.

A girl I passed around the one mile mark--posted only as an encouragement for people thinking about taking-up running...

Friday, July 03, 2009


One year ago I installed a counter. I'd had one before, but it never worked right and somewhere around when it hit 3-4,000 it inexplicitly reset itself to zero. I deleted it with extreme predjustice and put in the one which is there now.

One year ago to the day it was put in and it comes out to just over ten visits per day. I appreciate my small but dedicated (or twisted-whatever) audience.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

EPA report casts serious doubt on the need to regulate CO2

The Report, which was suppressed by the EPA--but came out anyway (they always do, eventually) brings-up serious doubts about the need for limitations on CO2 output.

Notice, if you will, how critics attack the author, the motives of his sources etc. but they never mention the substance of the report.


Rain Dance (in reverse)

Pretty much all of June was lousy with rain. Getting desperate for some sunshine, I put down grass seed in the bare patches of the yard.

If this doesn't cause the sun to come out, nothing I can do will. Also, now if it keeps raining I won't mind as much.

Update: Another day of rain.

Update: Yet another day of rain.

Monday, June 29, 2009

My brush with fame was 20 years ago

I have 20 or 30 different t-shirts that I regularly wear for jogging or lounging around in. Normally, I hardly notice what is printed on them--they range from ones that you get in a 10K run to such minor events as company picnics & etc. The other day I noticed this shirt because it had a date on it and it was 20 years old. I had not realized that clothes could last that long.

The funny thing is that it very nearly only lasted for one day. You see, this t-shirt was worn in a kind of 10K mud run from back when I was in the Marine Corps. The race involved wading through waist-deep mud, crawling under barbed wire and so forth. Had I torn it on the barbed wire, as I did my Cami trousers, I would have thrown it away. As well, when I finished the race I was more than half tempted to just toss the shirt since it had about a pound of mud caked into it. It may have taken a couple of washes to come clean, but it has served me well for two decades and counting.

Oh yes, the fame: The next month on my drill weekend some fellow Marines showed me the latest issue of Leatherneck and there I am. Of course my name isn't with the picture and I didn't even recognize myself at first, so a pretty tenuous claim to fame--but I will take it!