Sunday, August 21, 2011

Well, it is fixed...

It seemed to work just as well without being fixed, but somehow I feel better knowing that it is back in order.

I had come home Thursday from work to find: My wife at a "ladies night out", the kids watching TV and the dishwasher open with white powdered detergent everywhere. The lid to the soap container was jammed with caked detergent and it would not stay shut. After I fully cleaned the area, the lid still would not stay shut, so we just ran the machine that way, maybe four loads since then and the dishes looked fine.

Today I had some time, so I took apart the door and found a piece of the latch had fallen off. Part of it was a lever that fit into a spring loaded solenoid. Presumably, the spring keeps the latch closed until the solenoid actuates and allows the lid to pop open.

It looks like it can only fit in one way, but I have yet to run the machine. If nothing else, it looks like it will clean just fine without the lid.