Saturday, August 09, 2008

Perfect timing, as always...

After a week off from work, I came back to a dead computer. So instead of catching-up on my work, I spent the last day and a half rebuilding my system.


This morning I broke a tooth on some sweet tarts my sister got for us. It is not your fault sis, the break was painless and so that part of my tooth must have been "ready to go anytime".

My dentist wasn't open on this Saturday so I went to a new place: They were great! Fast, efficient and painless. I now have a temporary crown and am good to go.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Cell Trees and Yale

I have seen these cell towers disguised as trees before, but never had the chance to take a picture of one before. They don't look much like trees and I have no objection to cell towers, but I appreciate that someone took an effort.

From what I understand, Harvard is still harder to get into, but Yale sure is a lot nicer looking.

A nice drain pipe might be made of copper--that is pretty fancy in my book. This one is not just copper--it is also decorated.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Scenes from a run to and through Central Park

I started at the South East corner. Here was a roof that I liked the look of.

A pool somewhere in the middle of the park. It would have been a nice morning for a swim--quite warm, clear and humid.

The Natural History Museum: The film Night At The Museum, was modeled on this actual place.

I ended at Columbus Circle and took a couple of pictures there. I walked back to the hotel to cool down.

The Beast

You will get wet!

The Yankees Game.

The same day as driving down to NYC, we go to the game...

Not sure who to root for. The Yankees are the natural enemy of our Red Sox but it is just not the same winning the pennant if we don't do it by beating them--so I was kind of hoping they would beat the Angels.

Last time my sister came out East, we saw a game at Fennway against Philadelphia and that was the year the sox finally broke the curse. So I was telling my nephew that maybe they are good luck to whatever team they see when they come out here. What I had in mind was that maybe the Yankees will win the World Series this year. The Angels won 12-6, so maybe it is the year they go all the way.

Next season, the games will be in that new stadium.

Surenna is excited as the game is about to begin.

The game begins.