Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Pooja time

UPDATE: Here are some more pictures of the event--Thanks Nithin!

The airconditioner in that little room (about 150 square ft) is 12,000 BTU and has proven to be a bit oversized. I got a large one because with all those windows, I figured it was better to over size it. In this case it was just right. There were about 20 people at the pooja and it was on an afternoon where the temperature was 90F. I had the unit set to 68F and it ran continuously and never got below 70F.

5 of us, 2 in-laws, brother and wife (2), Uncle and family (4), Aunt and family (4), Guest of Aunt (1), Guest from Brookline (1), Guest of Uncle and family. =20

Her name is Calypso

My Sunday run

I ran for 2 hours and really should have covered more like 15-16 miles in that amount of time. I would have done this too, but around mile 7 or 8 I lost all energy. I took around an hour for the first 8 miles and spent another hour on the final 5.


I ran this again last Saturday and did it in three fewer minutes. If I can cut another 11 minutes off, I will be on the pace I need to do a 3:30 marathon. Assuming, of course, that I could run a 2nd 13.1 miler just as fast as a first one! dbp