Friday, August 15, 2014

German Mountains and Tramways

Here is the top of a mountain overlooking Heidelberg.

 And the tramway that one can take to get to the top.  We were there early in the morning and drove up.

This tramway was not as pretty, but it is the one we took to get to the top of the mountain by Baden Baden.

The tram goes into that building below and the view is from a lighthouse looking structure at the peak of the hill.  People were paragliding from the grassy area in front of the patio.


Does this dozen eggs look odd to you?  They should, so look again if you do not notice what is wrong with them.

In the past, when people mostly got eggs from their own chickens or a local small producer, eggs probably varied in size like these.  But these came out of a package labeled "Grade A Large Eggs" so they ought to be pretty uniform.

Once I formed a hypothesis about this, I asked my wife and kids if they could think of some reason for a package of eggs being random sizes.  Having never purchased eggs, the kids had no clue.  But my wife and I knew:  When you buy eggs, you check for broken ones and take a whole different carton if there is one broken one.  Some enterprising clerk must have consolidated unbroken eggs from different packages so that one broken egg costs one egg and not a dozen eggs.