Friday, July 09, 2010

Little experiments I do

A year or so ago, I was driving home from my in-laws with just the middle daughter. (I work near them, so I will come directly from work while my wife will drive from home with the three kids and the dog.) Anyway, the middle daughter was a champion at stream-of-consciousness dialog. Just to test her, I resolved to give her nothing to work with: I would say nothing and see how long it took for her to stop talking--maybe she would ask a question or just run out of steam. Well, she made it the whole 20 minutes; nonstop chatter.

Today, I tried the same thing except this time she was silent. Lost in her own thoughts, not a word was uttered the whole way home. Once home, I opened up the door and she disappeared upstairs while I turned to cleaning the kitchen.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Independence Day Race on the 5th this year

124 17/225 M4049 13:08 6:34 David Pecchia 47 M 1375 Chelmsford MA

I'll put up pictures if I see any posted.

This is the first race ever for both Wife and oldest daughter--they did very well and I am proud of them!

I was able to find my picture at the race site, but not of the others. Well, they are above.