Friday, February 02, 2007

Standard Pot Roast using 7-bone Chuck Roast.

In a large dutch oven, brown the meat in a tablespoon of olive oil. If the roast is too big to lay flat, then cut it into pieces and brown them one at a time. Set aside the meat once browned. Peel one medium potato per serving and slice it length-wise. Place the potatoes in the dutch oven so that the rounded side is facing down. Place the meat on top of the potatoes and arrange it so that, as far as you can, it is in a single layer. Bake, covered in a 350F oven. Around 1 & ½ hours before serving add the rest of the vegetables and spices: • Put fresh black pepper on the meat, as well as salt, crushed garlic and crushed red peppers(if desired)and bay leaves. • Place onion halves, flat-side-down on top of seasoned meat. • Put carrots and parsnips in. They should be cut into 2-3 inch length and halved if they are thicker than the diameter of a quarter. Recover the dutch oven and return to the oven for around 1 & ½ hours or until the onions are done. When you add the vegetables, you may also add mushrooms, whole if small or halved if large. Bell pepper, in large chunks is an option some like. Some folks insist on adding tomatoes—this is fine, but you may want to blanch them and pull the skin off first, or use a can of whole stewed tomatoes. The roast should let out plenty of liquid, but add some water, wine or beer if it looks too dry on the bottom of the pan.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Travel Documents...

Observent viewers may have noticed that various official looking documents were posted here a couple of weeks ago. Here is why. I had to travel to Canada (which I have done probably a dozen times) and it never occured to me to bring any kind of proof of citizenship. I had my wife fedex the documents to me in Vancouver, but just in case they didn't make it on time, I had her post the documents to this blog. A week after I returned, sure enough, my passport finaly came to me in the mail. dbp

Travel Update...and the unspoken comment.

Outside of the passenger screening area there was a woman with a pet carrier and a few other bags. I overheard her asking an official if her carry-on needed to be checked. My unspoken comment: If it is still alive, then it isn't carrion. My wife and I totally get, and like this kind of humor. It is the knowledge of how idosyncratic we are that made me hold my tongue. dbp