Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ends of the food spectrum

The fancy dessert my wife fashioned for tonight..

I dined alone for lunch and so had a kind of man-lunch: Smoked oysters, beer and crackers.

Saturday Family time

Just an easy Saturday:

My wife normally lets the dog out on weekdays, so I like to--when I can drag myself out of bed--take on this chore on some weekend days. It is a big thrill for both the dog and the wife. The normal routine is for the dog to go outside, do her business and then she runs upstairs, jumps up on the bed and wakes me up. The dog seems to do this more out of duty than love, still it is nice. When I take care of her in the morning, she quivers with excitement before I release her to go upstairs. Then she dashes, as fast as she can go, to her mistress' bed. The dogs excitement is thrilling to my wife, who really loves the beast.

Later, we had scrambled eggs, sausages, orange rolls, toast, potato patties and coffee for breakfast.

Dahlia needed to do a make-up Karate session from 11:00-Noon today, so we took the dog to the dojo and walked her on the bike path while the girl practiced her Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique.

Right after we got home, my wife took Surenna for a hair-cut while I napped on the papasan with the dog.

Off to the movies! We deposited the kids in the Percy Jackson movie and then went and saw the new Sherlock Holmes movie. It was very entertaining. I think Madonna had sucked all the talent out of Guy Richie (he never made anything good while with her IMHO)but the talent seems to have seeped back in, if this movie is anything to judge by.

On the way home we picked-up Chinese food from the better (and more expensive) of the two places we acquire it from.

And it was great!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Chicken Pot-Pie

Fill with meat and vegetables.

Add some gravy--home made of course!

Add a top crust and bake.


I know it is a spoof

But I still like a lot of the songs from, A Mighty Wind

Now, if I was a music critic and I wrote about these same songs AND didn't realize they were from a mockumentary, then I would be justly derided a fool.

Case in point:

Bernard-Henri Lévy