Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ends of the food spectrum

The fancy dessert my wife fashioned for tonight..

I dined alone for lunch and so had a kind of man-lunch: Smoked oysters, beer and crackers.


Surenna P. said...

The dessert was really pretty and tasty too except that i couldn't finish it.

Trooper York said...

Man you are killing me. The wife had to go on a strict diet for health reasons and we have no sugar in the house. Not that I care that much about the sugar, but no pasta or potatoe or bread. I am dying man.

That looks like a great desert.

The funny thing is the only thing she can eat as a sweet is strawberries with whipped cream. What a nightmare.

WV: Unbess: What Sir Walter Raliegh tried to get the Queen to do that got his head cut off.

dbp said...

I feel for you Trooper.

My wife comes from a long line of people who get diabetes and high cholesterol in later life, so I fully expect to be in the same boat at some point.

I'll sneak-off for some lunch-time heaps of pasta while at work and she will be none the wiser--that's my plan at least...