Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Like Downhill Snow Skiing (in reverse)

Today, it fell to me, to empty-out the truck of the bamboo flooring which has been residing there.  Wife needs the truck early on Saturday to take another mom and six girls to a DI competition and I only have today off.

Each trip from the truck to the third-floor addition left me winded but I would recover on the way back down to the truck.  This is a lot like how I used to ski.  I would go from top to bottom and be out-of-breath by the time I got on the chair lift, but by the end of the ride I would be fully recovered.


  1. Today, there were 32 runs up the steps with a load of flooring--three more trips with underlayment, but it was light, even taking two rolls at a time.  The most ski runs I ever did in a day was 25 top-to-bottom runs on the last day I was at Sun Valley.  3,000 vertical feet each run.
  2. One trip up 33 steps with a 50 LB load is quicker (about one minute) and less strenuous than  skiing down Baldy (about 5 minutes).  It only took an hour to haul the wood, but it took me all day to get in all of that skiing.  In fairness, the 9 minute chairlift ride was probably the most limiting factor to the number of runs I could get in, though I was very tired by the end of the day.
  3. Obviously, the skiing was more fun.
  4. Moving the flooring was more useful than skiing.