Wednesday, June 27, 2007

An Email Dialog Between a Mother and Her Daughter

Dear Mommy,

It's soooo hot out side. I know that if you had to go outside, you wouldn't want to because of the heat. I know that you're trying to be nice when you take us out somewhere, but if you are all mean and crabby while doing it, it's not fun for us. Maybe you should think about that!

- S.

Dear S.,

It is very hot outside and I know I wouldn't like it because I don't like hot weather. But I thought you and D. might enjoy getting outside for a bit since you have been cooped up inside all day. The heat doesn't seem to bother you guys very much.

Good point about me ruining your outing by being crabby - I understand and I am sorry for blowing up at you. I was trying to do something nice for the two of you and I had to give up working out to take you to the library. Remember - I have very little free time and if I use it to do something, that means I can't do something else. I was upset at you because I felt you didn't respect that fact. But mostly I was upset because not only did you fail to pick out a book but you also blamed me for that failure. You had the audacity to accuse me of not giving you enough time (we were there for 45 minutes) and not helping you (I submitted the request for the book you wanted that they didn't have and I told you to look for another book in the chapter book section).

Let us make the most of these outings and let us not be so crabby.

I love you,


Dear Mommy,

Thanks for the compromise. I'll be thankful when you take us out on trips. But you don't act all crabby while doing it. I also understand that you thought that we would like some time outside. Since it was so hot I didn't feel like doing anything outside. So I came in.


Love, S.!

Dear Moonoo,

Thank you too! Here is a Haiku to tell you how I feel about you...

Delicate as flame.

Fierce as fire. Bright as the Sun.

My Surenna glows.

I love you,


Monday, June 25, 2007

My Sunday 9-Miler

This run took me 77 minutes! That is like 8:34/mile and I plan on running a marathon in under 8:00/mile. I don't think so.