Friday, September 09, 2005

Vaishali and cousin--I see the family resemblence. Posted by Picasa

On the way out of town we visit with Vaishali's cousin and her husband. Posted by Picasa

The Old Man lets loose the ponies Posted by Picasa

Jemma is unimpressed Posted by Picasa

Metal ponies, girls and the mighty columbia Posted by Picasa

Surenna gets trampled Posted by Picasa

The ponies take no heed of our posing Posted by Picasa

Happy to be at the bottom of the hill Posted by Picasa

We leave the horses behind Posted by Picasa

Surenna knows how to have fun at the last rest stop before reaching Spokane. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Day 3: Saturday BBQ--Relatives Invited...

We spent the whole of a beautiful Saturday at little sis' Mary's place having a bbq with all of the local--and some not so local relatives attending. Mary's husband Rob and I manned the grill and the ladies did everything else. All the grandkids of my parents were there as well as two out of my three siblings. My papa made out like a bandit: Two of his three sisters were there along with their husbands. Only one of my cousins made it, but she made up for the others by bringing her husband and three adorable children. It was an idyllic afternoon--everybody was happy to see each other, the kids were all healthy and kept each other busy, the lawn looked great and the weather couldn't have been better. Every day is a gift, but some gifts are more memorable than others.
Surenna and her new friend Fresca Posted by Picasa

Huckleberry pies--lots of 'em. And the happy baker. Posted by Picasa
All the grandkids plus Fresca Posted by Picasa

Blowing bubbles at a bbq...for the camera please. Posted by Picasa