Saturday, January 16, 2010

Three Nuts


Jama Masjid, Delhi

The pigeons certainly add a picturesque element to the old mosque in Delhi...

One should keep in mind though that the authorities require all visitors to remove their shoes before entering.

I'll do my part next Tuesday...

But since this is Massachusetts, I refuse to get my hopes up.

7 layers of security...

1. Show ID and e-ticket to the armed soldier at the entrance to the terminal.

2. Check bags with the airline.

3. Show passports and give forms at customs.

4. Pass through security check, bags x-rayed and body groped.

Now for the stupid stuff:

5. An extra x-ray and pat-down courtesy of rent-a-cops at the Continental gate. This was especially slow since there was only one x-ray machine and was so sloppily done that it added not one iota of benefit. It did however, prevent any passengers from unloading leftover rupees in the extensive gift, duty-free and restaurants available in the terminal.

6. Submission of boarding passes at the gate with additional check of passports by armed guard.

7. An additional check of boarding passes and passports by a Continental agent in the jetway.

We were in one line or another for the 3 hours between arrival at the airport and actually getting onto the plane.