Thursday, March 12, 2009

More IMing...

Wife says: I wanted to ask you if there was anything you wanted me to get while I'm going to the store today

Mister 3:24 for now says: Human cryo bags...

Mister 3:24 for now says: Isn't that what winter camping sleeping bags are like?

Wife says: not just for storing humans! also great for storing suits!

Wife says: I guess people were upset and offended by that post. It was removed from the freecycle site

Mister 3:24 for now says: That is too bad--what a bunch of primadonna's.

Wife says: yeah really

Mister 3:24 for now says: They are probably really expensive and if you need one you could really save a lot of dough.

Wife says: so nothing else you want at grocery?


Wife says: Meenah smells like smoke.

Mister 3:24 for now says: Maybe she has picked-up a nasty habit.

Mister 3:24 for now says: Could help her loose weight though.

Wife says: I think Bridgy has taught her to smoke.

Mister 3:24 for now says: Bad dog!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Surenna is 12 today.

Who will rid me of this weird metal thing which bends my neck?

A small birthday cake for the actual birth day--the party will have a full-sized one.

Making a wish...

All the candles in one blow! Will her wish come true?


While running I often daydream. I know what most people would think: Of course you do, what else is there to occupy your mind? Actually, I wool-gather less than one might think. I am pretty serious and focused while training, so a lot of my mental energy is taken-up pushing myself to go faster. But I do daydream as well.

Today I was thinking about "dilettante". It is a word I really like, but often can't think of when I need it. While it is a word I like, it is not a phenomenon I like.

I once worked for a guy who was an uber-dilettante in many subjects and what a pain in the ass it was! He would get an idee fixe from some popular source like a best-seller or a magazine article and then it was off-to-the-races! It would take two weeks of lunchtime encounters, ten minute talks at random and so forth to compress a semester or two of theory and practice into usable form. Then and only then would he suddenly realize that it wasn't so cut-and-dry as he had been led to believe.

Ugh! And that was a boss, so it was kind of my job to educate and advise in situations like that. What is worse is when it is say, the husband of one of your wife's friends.

Wednesday Run

I almost didn't go today due to the gray and drizzly outlook.

79:08--7:40/Mile. This is the kind of speed I need to be at.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

If you were grading Barack Obama on his performance as president, what would he get? * 79648 responses so far.

He gets an A 19%

He gets a B 7.6%

He gets a C 5.3%

He gets a D 11%

He gets an F 58%

Not a scientific survey. Results may not total 100% due to rounding. Note: I gave him a "D", but I thought he would have more high scores since MSNBC is not exactly a right-wing organization.

Update: The poll is still open and there has been 115K votes so far--the totals are roughly the same, slightly fewer A's and more F's.

That's not fair!

How come we can't bring the dog with us when we take our kids to the doctor?

The vet doesn't mind when we bring the kids...