Thursday, March 12, 2009

More IMing...

Wife says: I wanted to ask you if there was anything you wanted me to get while I'm going to the store today

Mister 3:24 for now says: Human cryo bags...

Mister 3:24 for now says: Isn't that what winter camping sleeping bags are like?

Wife says: not just for storing humans! also great for storing suits!

Wife says: I guess people were upset and offended by that post. It was removed from the freecycle site

Mister 3:24 for now says: That is too bad--what a bunch of primadonna's.

Wife says: yeah really

Mister 3:24 for now says: They are probably really expensive and if you need one you could really save a lot of dough.

Wife says: so nothing else you want at grocery?

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