Saturday, August 02, 2008

We made it to Manhattan

With great trepidation, I surrender our truck to the valet.

By pure chance and luck, our room is right above where we left the truck and there was a window which opens, if just wide enough for the camera to fit, on the right side of the room.

I will add pictures later...

So far we have done a lot:

Been to a Yankee's game--they lost to the Angels 12-6 and a little girl about 20 feet away caught a foul ball.,P.

Mom, aunt and children went to the American Girl place. I went jogging in Central Park.

Lots of walking around and rubbernecking. Got a great pastrami on rye.

Took a boat ride on the beast--a high speed ride out to Liberty Island and back.

Took another jog this morning down the Lower East side past the U.N. to about Hunter College and then back here to 53rd and 3rd.

Still at the hotel and so will toss in some pictures once we get home.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sister and sons arrive safely

All we have done so far is dinner and talk, tomorrow off to Manhattan! Hopefully there will be lots of great pictures from the big windy apple.

Monday, July 28, 2008

With a gun


Too sad...


Shovel throwing test


Snippets of conversation at the CS & T adult social...

...and so even as I intended to stay at Lincoln Labs for a year or so, I've been there ever since...

A woman approaches, "you guys talking business"?

Me: "Not really, he was just saying where he works. I kind of assume that given the place, it is probably electronics, optics or something computery."

Guy: "More like defensy"

Woman: "Yeah, if he tells you what it is, he will have to kill you."

Me: "I never understood all that cloak-and-dagger stuff. I had a top secret clearance in the Marine Corps and am pretty sure I never saw anything even confidential".

Woman: What did you do?

Me: "I worked in electronic warfare--like radar jamming". Woman: "And what do you do now"?

I described the work at Millipore and our role in the pharma industry.

Woman: "How did you start out in electronics and end up in biology".

Me: "Other than the Marine Corps, I never worked in electronics. It has never been much more than a hobby for me."