Friday, October 14, 2011

Blue Beer Cans

I had noticed them a few days ago but didn't really think about them until today. Along a section of road that I go jogging on, there were blue cans roughly every hundred feet or so.

I presume they are beer cans but cannot say for sure because I was running and didn't get the best view. Also, it was raining.  They seemed beerish in design and besides, what else besides Pepsi has a blue can?  I would notice the big round Pepsi logo on the side if it was there.

What I was thinking is that somebody probably threw them out of a car window. You never see some guy just walking along the road drinking a can of beer, so it must have been from a car. But how do they end up so close together? At the speed a car goes, I would think that if you were throwing out empties as they are created, then each can might be around a mile or so apart--less if there are multiple drinkers in one car, but still further apart than every couple of hundred feet.

What if the drinking was done somewhere and the driver didn't want to bring the empties home? Say it is a teenager and he doesn't want his parents to see the empties. So, some guys park somewhere and drink, then on the way home they throw all the cans out the window? That is plausible. Though if you are going to litter, why not just leave the cans in the area you parked in? Maybe they didn't think of the need to get rid of the cans until they were already under way--this would be typical teenage lack of planning. Also plausible.

Maybe I have the whole temporal scenario all wrong. Maybe it is someone who drinks one beer on the way home every day. He finishes around the same point every time and so the cans are all in roughly the same area.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Miscellaneous Stuff On A Day Off

I had a lot to do today but thankfully not much in the morning. I took advantage of this by cooking bacon and fried eggs for breakfast. I know; this is what weekends are for but the last few weekends have been filled with early morning errands--so no dice, or eggs or bacon.

I was recovered from my gluttony by the late tens and so went for a medium run. I wanted to get in a 13 miler but there wasn't time so I did a 7.85 and was happy with my 7:46 pace. It was a perfect Autumn day, mostly sunny but crisp, temperature wise.

After the run, the first of two contractors showed up. The first one thinks our design idea will work just fine, the other thinks that the space we want to use for a stairway is not big enough. The job is doable either way, but I plan to get out my own tape measure and figure it out myself.

While the first contractor was just finishing up, I had to run Dahlia to a new dentist for a check-up. This is the girl's third dentist. The first was a nice guy but just didn't have very good hands. The second was sweet, but she was a little creepy too. This latest one seems promising.

As soon as I got home, we got a call from the eldest munchkin, wondering if anybody planned on attending her Cross Country meet. I jumped into the car and zoomed on over there. It was against Billerica and was at a park across the street from the House of Correction. I wonder if I was the only one to see an element of irony in the setting.

Now home and gearing up for grilled lamb chops--which used to be wicked cheap but are becoming increasingly pricy.