Wednesday, February 26, 2014

How Many Gears?

My driver took the Autobahn between Darmstadt and Frankfurt.  He showed up in a Volkswagon, which did not dismay me since it was the same giant, powerful type I had been brought in.

He only hit around 125 mph but I looked over at the tach and it was only reading about 3,300!

I hope that was his top gear!

The Information In These Two Offices Vary

Both of these sites give the dates of Lake Champlain Closing (due to ice), both are tagged with NOAA and have the following address listed:

National Weather Service
1200 Airport Drive
S. Burlington VT 05403

But one gives a closing date of Feb 12th and the other has no date listed.

The question I have is what they will say 6-months from now?  Will they agree on the date or claim the lake never froze?

I will update when and if there is a change to either site (I have screen-shots of what is there now).

Note:  Just playing with the font and background color for kicks--this will not persist.  Probably.