Saturday, October 24, 2009

Late Bloomers

The apples in the foreground were right on schedule and we picked them a couple of days ago. The roses appeared two days ago and are very late for New England.

This dahlia is still not all the way open, though the plant is around 6 feet tall. I think it put all effort into height rather than waste its time on a bloom.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It was probably a mistake

The last long run should be three weeks before the race but I did one today. Why? The last time I did a 19 miler, it was the 4th of October and that is 4 weeks out from the race. That just seemed like too long an interval of no long distance training prior to a marathon. In addition, I've done a lot of 11-13 milers at really good paces, so it would have felt a bit pointless to do another one of those today, though to some extent that is what I did. I ran the first 10 in a sub-8 time of 78 minutes and it would have been great if that was the end of the workout, but I was still 9 long miles from home. Those 9 miles took me an additional 85 minutes.

I still have time to recover before the race and while this run was no confidence-booster, it probably did me some good. Anyway, it is done and there isn't anything I can do about it now.

Just by chance, I got my bib # for the NYC marathon yesterday: 13658--Orange Wave #1.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Warm and Cold

I insist on one candle for each year. As you can see, it is quite an inferno. I suppose it is fitting that as each year I get closer to an eternity in fire, the fire on my cake becomes a little larger too.

This is October 18th and the 2nd time it has snowed this Fall!

bagoh20 said... The funniest line is "I've been killing spiders since I was 30." The scene where Diane Weist insists on reading her script to the character Allen was playing. Heh. I noticed that Woody recycled almost the same line in Hanna and Her Sisters

A model and a skeleton

The photo collection at the link is really fascinating. Taken each on their own, the pictures are only of mild interest but all together they form a really humorous collection and artistic too--not that I claim any expertise in this area. I like it though. Warning: Some of the pictures are a little raunchy, so let's call this mildly NSFW. Anyhow, all the pictures are of a beautiful model and a skeleton. The skeleton is posed such that he conveys expression even though obviously, he can't use his face for that.