Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It was probably a mistake

The last long run should be three weeks before the race but I did one today. Why? The last time I did a 19 miler, it was the 4th of October and that is 4 weeks out from the race. That just seemed like too long an interval of no long distance training prior to a marathon. In addition, I've done a lot of 11-13 milers at really good paces, so it would have felt a bit pointless to do another one of those today, though to some extent that is what I did. I ran the first 10 in a sub-8 time of 78 minutes and it would have been great if that was the end of the workout, but I was still 9 long miles from home. Those 9 miles took me an additional 85 minutes.

I still have time to recover before the race and while this run was no confidence-booster, it probably did me some good. Anyway, it is done and there isn't anything I can do about it now.

Just by chance, I got my bib # for the NYC marathon yesterday: 13658--Orange Wave #1.

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