Tuesday, May 05, 2009

An International Sandwich

I only realized it after it was made and partially consumed: My sandwich was from a lot of countries.

I started with a French bread sub roll, which I toasted the inside of.

Then I covered the inside with a couple slices of American cheese.

I microwaved some leftover Indian tandoori chicken and put that in.

I added some Italian chopped hot peppers.

Finally, I topped it with some Greek yogurt.

It was very unusual tasting and very good.

I "couldn't" take a picture of the sandwich because even though the camera was literally within reach, I was too hungry to wait. So here is a cute puppy picture instead.


Trooper York said...

Now that's a tasty sandwich. The only thing I would have done different was maybe whip a tab of Grey Poupon mustard into the yogurt.

dbp said...

You're right! That would have been nice and we do have Grey Poupon as well as Gulden's on hand.

I would have had to change the post though since that would have made two French things, or an American one that was French-like...

Next time I will do it that way. And there will be a next time.