Wednesday, May 06, 2009

A day off of this-and-that...

It was raining, so I saved changing the brakes on my car for another day--probably this weekend. They fade and pulsate, but they will probably stop the car for another two days.

Instead, I did some work on the addition: I rubbed-off bits of cement residue from the glass-block wall with steel wool and a small spatula. Then did some final sanding on the plaster prior to putting a primer coat of paint on it.

Went for a run--see the below post. I've made this run a few times, but finally mapped it into "Map my run", so now I know how far it is.

After a nice long shower, I set to work on dinner for the family: Chicken Cacciatore. It is pretty straight forward. I just make my regular red-sauce and then brown some chicken, add the sauce, cover and simmer for a while. My wife had gotten a deal on some skinless, boneless thighs--which is perfect for this dish, though I would love to try it with rabbit sometime...

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