Saturday, May 08, 2010

The Burlington Vermont Foot Bridge to Nowhere

Depending on your browser, you will see a city map of Burlington VT, but then it will turn black and you will see the street view of the bridge.

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This is a really substantial bridge which you have access to from the road on the right. If you cross the bridge, there is a path that goes about 50 feet and then just ends with a residential backyard fence. Our hypothesis is that the neighborhood on the left--part of Burlington's North end--insisted on having an access bridge put in when the highway was built. Later, none of the houses at the end of the bridge wanted a right-of-way cut through (or next to) their land.


忠裕 said...

That indeed is a strange bridge. From what it looks, someone spent a lot of money to build it. It is too bad about the outcome, but sometimes a thing like that happens. I've seen some unfortunate public works before, too.

dbp said...

Yes, it is really substantial. So much in fact, that my wife and I figured that there must be a well-made path at the end of it that went somewhere interesting. So we went out of our way to get to the access road and were quickly disappointed.

From the highway, the trees obscure that there is a neighborhood just beyond the end of the bridge.