Sunday, June 07, 2009

A full day begins with a 30 K

We were having people over for brunch and so if I was to go, it would have to be early. I would normally dither a bit to work myself up for a run of around 3-hours, but no time: Got out of the house before 6:30. It was the usual long run, which I haven't done since a few weeks before Boston. It was neither fun nor fast.

I was welcomed home by the smell of bacon being cooked and fresh fruit being cut-up.

This, along with mango, blueberries and honeydew melon made up the fruit-plate. We also had waffles with apples and walnuts baked-in and fresh strawberry sauce.

After the guests left we went to go see, Up.

It was great!

When we got home we made ice cream sundaes. Nice.


Trooper York said...

Cold watermelon is the greatest. I remember when I was a kid an bunch of old Italian guys would get their truck and fill it with big blocks of ice and then fill it with watermelons. Then they would drive to your block and open the back of the truck and yell out
in a long drawn out voice like the Spanish dude who announces the goals on Spanish Soccer. When you would go up he would take his big machete and cut a wedge into the watermelon and pull out the slice to show that it wasn't rotten inside. My uncle would take inside with some ice and put in the the cooler to stay ice cold. But to be a ball buster he would pull out the wedge, stick a bottle of vodka in there and let it drain into the watermelon and then close it up again. My grandmother loved her watermelon and so did us kids. But you know it always made us sleepy.

dbp said...

Great comment Trooper! It would fit right in with your series of "rememberances of things pabst" posts--which I really like. Not that there is anything wrong with that. BTW.