Thursday, January 01, 2009

D'Oh! or looking at it on the bright side...

At the new year's party we went to last night, everybody seemed really down on 2008. We didn't talk politics, but I know they are all Democrats so you would think they would be pretty happy.

Mostly the grousing was about 401K accounts loosing tons of value. I was the oldest person there and I am around 30 years away from retirement, so these accounts have lots of time to recover their value. In the mean-time, all money being put in is buying stocks at a much better price than last year.

What was kind of a damper for me personally, was that I ran one of our cars into another of them at the top of our driveway. It was dark, there was 8 inches of unploughed snow, the driveway is long, narrow and steep and you need to go up straight then turn suddenly at the top. Looking on the bright side: The most dented car already looked like crap because it has 105 thousand miles and is pushing 12 years. Also, it happened in 2008, so I can file it away as last year's stuff and put it behind me.

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