Friday, January 23, 2009

Karate Girl

Dahlia has been practicing her Karate lately, since she has her yellow belt test today.

She will have already passed or failed by now. Hopefully, passed as she is very sensitive and will take it hard.

She practiced moves by having me pretend to choke her. And then she would escape with a series of hits. It is too cute: She looks so harmless, but her little hits were really effective.

Update: She passed! Yellow belt karate girl! High Ja!


Trooper York said...

That's great. I took martial arts as a kid in the sixties. Unfortunately I was six feet tall and about 90 lbs when I was twelve so they put me in competition with 15 year olds who beat me like a drum. I am sure you are monitoring her progress so she will be in skill appropraite settings. God luck.

dbp said...

Yeah, I go to her practice sometimes. She is in a class of 9-year olds and I think they are too weak to actually hurt each other. They are learning form and discipline at this point.