Thursday, January 29, 2009

The mirror-immage of Cassandra

The Goracle

Once Al Gore was a mere vice president, but now he is a Nobel laureate and climate-change prophet. He repeats phrases such as "unified national smart grid" the way he once did "no controlling legal authority" -- and the ridicule has been replaced by worship, even by his political foes.

Cassandra had the power to tell the future, but the curse that nobody would believe her. Gore is cursed with always being wrong about the future but he has the power to make everybody believe his wrong predictions.


Trooper York said...

Well everyone is wrong about the weather.

Trooper York said...

Plus Cassandra was a pain in the ass. Always telling everyone what they didn't want to hear. That's why she came to bad end.

Now Pollyanna. Everybody loved her.

Christy said...

Well put.