Monday, January 05, 2009

"We're Not Married" with a twist

This weekend our three girls plus two friends who were watching a movie in the living room, so my wife and I watched something else in the study via Netflix' watch instantly service.

We picked We're Not Married (1952) mostly on the strength that Marilyn Monroe is in it. The plot was a fairly simple premise that a judge had married some 5 or 6 couples in the week before his appointment as judge became official. So the film was made up of 5 short episodes showing what hijinks happen when each couple gets their letter saying that they are not married.

The last story has an Army soldier who finds out, just before catching his train to ship-out for a year, that his wife is pregnant. Once on the train, he opens the letter saying he isn't married! He has an Army buddy who he debates with about what to do and there was something really familiar about the guy. Pretty soon I had a theory about who it was, but I couldn't remember his name. I IMDB'ed We're Not Married , but the part was so small it was uncredited. I did remember some other films he was in, so I looked those up in hopes that reading his name would jog my memory. This worked: It was a very young Lee Marvin! Cross checking his IMDB page listed his part in the film.

Aside from the always pleasant occasion of seeing an actor in a film which preceded their stardom, there was another twist. One of the stories was about a gold-digger, played by Zsa Zsa Gabor, who of course sees her plans fall-through when it turns out she isn't married.

The twist? Many years after this film Lee Marvin was involved in a case with some similarities to the film.

Lee Marvin from around 1952. I couln't find a shot of him from the film itself, but he looked a lot like this--except he wore an Army uniform.


Trooper York said...

Lee Marvin is one of my top ten favorite actors. He was a man's man who didn't take crap from anyone.

His Liberty Valance is right up there among the best villians in movies.

Trooper York said...

You want another experiance like that you should rent "A Town Without Pity" which stars Kirk Douglas as an Army JAG who defends four American soldiers who rape a German Girl after the war during the occupation. One of the rapists: Sgt Carter from Gomer Pyle. But the best is the young "innocent" soldier who really didn't want to do it: a very very young Robert Blake.

It's cheezetastic.

dbp said...

Cool! Thanks for the tip.

dbp said...

Also, Lee Marvin is one of my favorites too. What range! From stuff like "Gorky Park" to "Paint Your Wagon".