Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Landing Strip 020

I used roads to get from home to the start of the bike path. After running the bikepath (seen as railroad tracks on the above map), I use other roads to get back to the start of the path again. Run the bike path a second time and then go back home via roads. It is sort of like when an airplane is doing practice approach and landings: Except, all on the ground with no aircraft.

11.8 miles and it was roughly 96 minutes. This makes about 8:08/mile. I had my ironman set to time, since I needed to be home at a certain time and I was cutting it close. Coming up our road, I saw that our elementary school girls were walking home from the bus stop, so I raced them the rest of the way home and Jemma beat me. Anyway, that is how I got distracted and didn't make sure I had stopped the timer when I got home.

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