Friday, August 28, 2009

Tying-up loose ends

Our Main bath had a multitude of little things that needed fixing and we just got through them all in about one week.

The bottom rail for the glass tub enclosure had never mated properly with the top of the tub and hence mildew and water deposits had accumulated below and around the rail. It couldn't really be cleaned thoroughly since you can't get under the rail to clean it or dry it. I took the whole enclosure apart and scraped-off all the mildew, old caulk and mineral deposits. When I reinstalled it, I drilled through the rail into the top of the tub and put in stainless steel screws. Now there is solid mating and no water can get underneath it.

The walls and ceiling constantly got mildew on them--you could scrub it off with bleach but it would come right back. We repainted with special paint that won't allow mildew to grow.

There has never been a blind on the window to this bathroom: Between being on the 2nd floor, distant neighbors and hilly woodsy terrain; nobody could see in anyway. But visitors, which we have from time to time, might mind; so we finally put up a cellular shade.

There is a linen closet in the bath and the door would never latch closed. A couple of minutes with a chisel and an adjustment to the faceplate and now the door latches shut.

Last and easiest: We have had a framed Monet print for a couple of months that we wanted to hang. A nail in the wall and we are good to go.

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