Friday, August 21, 2009

Vegetarian to Vegan to...?

Raised a Catholic, my idea of vegetarian was a person who ate no meat. Fish did not count as meat. I know to this day, vegetarians who enjoy all manner of seafood.

Next on the continuum are vegetarians who eat no animals of any kind, so basically the same as above except minus the seafood.

At the end of the spectrum are vegans. If I understand it right, they not only do not eat animals, but also disdain any animal products such as dairy and honey.

So what is the next "logical" step? How about food that is made from raw elements? Carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and amino acids can all be made using pure chemical methods. I'm sure that someday chemivarians will look upon plant murderers as utterly barbaric.

I will remain a meat-eating throwback.


Trooper York said...

I can't hang around with someone who is afraid of a meatball.

dbp said...

My thoughts too. It is tasty and we have the teeth and digestive tract to handle it, so what's the problem?

I think Homer Simpson said, "Awaah, if God didn't intend man to eat animals then why did he make them out of meat"?